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"I dig it when people doubt me. I dig the opposition. I dig the "hate." Only the ones that truly know me, know that the man I am today was born in those fires...that negative, and potentially self destructive place. I was wise enough as a young man to learn to use that negativity to push me farther then anyone thought I could go. Even authority figures looking down on me and making comments due to my actions. As a young man, that in itself was disheartening while creating a rebellious lack of trust in their advice. What they said "I should do/be." It fueled my fire to be what I wanted to be, NOT what was expected of me. I didn't let it break me, I forged it into the fuel for my evolution. F*** their negativity. I get addicted to that sh*t. Proving them wrong. I obsess. I grind. I stop talking and take action. People that are too lazy and have no dreams/ambitions to hold on to, those are the ones that love to poke at other's dreams. To drag them down. They love to talk. I welcome that, and smirk the whole time I'm making it happen. I eat that up, transform the vibe and use it to get stronger and more focused. The transformation of a negative into a fuel that creates positive...that's f*'n cool to me." ~ME

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