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*ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS ONLY* (will be available for pick up at Spirits & Things Liquor once they are in)


'CARPE DIEM' | Set of Laser-Etched Glencairn Whiskey Glasses. These will come in sets of two (2), because sipping the good stuff is always better with great company. As always, we will have a limited quantity, so put your pre-order in while you can.


This (NEW) 2023 update, includes the same latin phrae on our barrel pick stickers; "DUM VIVIMUS VIVAMUS," which translates to "while we live, let us live." (perfectly fitting for us lovers of the "good juice." Don't let it collect dust, OWLs. It's not a sculpture. Sip and enjoy it while we can.)


*THESE ARE PICK UP ONLY. You will be notified once available for pick up. 

'CARPE DIEM' | (Set of Two) Laser-Etched O.W.L. Glencairn Glasses

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