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We've always stressed that though we are a locally-owned and minded goods & clothing company, that this is much much more to us at Deed & Mettle. That this is a mindset, and that we plan to prove that in our deeds, not just our message on our goods sold. Our ambitions are not just to succeed, but also pay it forward by giving back. We've always been open to collaborating with local businesses, non profits and other local orgs on custom work, because we want to make an impact and truly lead by example. A new way of doing business; truly having heart and caring about community again. It takes a village...

That said, our latest collab is with the Omaha Food Lovers (Facebook) Group on two teeshirt designs. All proceeds from the sale of these designs will go to help support Omaha restaurants that are registered with Together A Greater Good (TAGG) through their Text To Give program to benefit local restaurants and retailers during this pandemic.

If you enjoy our local foodie spots, and want to do your part (from the comfort of your own home) to ensure they survive such a crippling pandemic to their livelihoods, please consider pre-ordering one (or both!) of the 'EAT LOCAL' designs (here). OR just donate directly to the cause on your own (here)

We're in this together. 'Stay the MF'n Course' and do your part to #flattenthecurve, so we can all get back to some normalcy sooner than latter.   Thanks for reading this. And TYIA for those that support the cause. Cheers, friends. 

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