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OMAHA WHISKEY LOVERS VINTAGE-STYLE FELT PENNANT | GET YO' SPIRIT(s) ON. Our very own OWL vintage-inspired "Whiskey" black felt pennant.  These little knick-knacks got you covered for a little retro style in your whiskey caves. 9" x 23" black felt. American-made, cut and then traditionally silkscreened, by hand, with love in the OMA.


  • Please note, we are a small business so will always do our best to be responsive and make sure your experience is a "grade-A" classy one. That said, please be patient if we don't get back to you immediately, we may just be busy. We will offer refund/exchanges within reason. To be fair, and as industry-standard, shipping costs cannot be refunded since a hard cost. Thank you, friends!

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