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This is no photo spread. This is just a typical night out. A little nod to our "brother Facebook page," The Distinguished Local. A social media page created for like-minded individuals who wants to share unique and locally-owned top spots for music, food, craft cocktails that may be hidden gems. Check it out. Like the page and even more important, engage and post to help

people hear about some great spots in your area. We are located in the Midwest, but the idea is global, never intended to be local. that's the irony in the name. It's there to be a sort of 'concierge' for cities you may not be from. A way to help give the independently--owned small companies a little exposure. The expert in all the better things around the country. Who knows, maybe you'll see something on there in a city you plan to travel to soon. Not only will you find a good spot for a night out, or place to grab a quality 'cup of joe' but maybe meet someone willing to show you around town and make you feel at home. That, my friends, is the whole point of all of this. To use social media, and the brand, to bring a true sense of community back to the way we live. Leverage this social media thing for more than just soap box rants, and connect good souls, give small companies exposure so they thrive, and make this a win-win for us all. Cheers!

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