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A Tribute to the Inspiring moms out there. They help young kids learn to appreciate those free things in life that truly matter and how not to be "fooled by the rich man's gold." The actual song's lyrics (check it our here) has such a strong message to me, growing up w/ a strong-minded Sicilian mother who definitely helped mold me into a gentleman. I chose it for our "mother/son" dance at our wedding because of how much the lyrics hit home. Our wedding band learned it, and did a cover to ensure the moment was perfect. Trust me, when you hear the lyrics in a way you truly listen to them, there wasn't a dry eye near the dance floor. My mother has since passed, but I can't listen to this song without getting chills and being grateful for the time I did have with her, and what she has done to make me who I am. Happy Mother's Day, friends. Enjoy soaking in that time with the one-and-only "first woman" in your life. Moms; a bond that no one can ever replace.

Ironically, but not without reason, also the name of some very good local like-minded friends, The Simple Man. A spot that defines a gentleman in all ways one can be. They carry our Deed & Mettle brand, but are much more than an apparel store. They embody the ambition we have in that they carry all sorts of "dude stuff' from whiskey glasses, to beard grooming products, watches and sports memorabilia, and ALL by independent labels. The epitome of community owned by a fella that you'll want to block out some time to engage in good conversation with, as that's part of the experience of the store. Cheers to you, Boyd, our ginger, magnificently-bearded friend. Well done.

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