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...not often we write from a more personal perspective, or feature personal images on the blog, but today (Father's Day) will always be a major day for me. So I have to acknowledge that. As I preach this isn't just an apparel brand, it's a way of life, my boys have very much so influenced that philosophy on my brand..and its connection to impacting the future.

Becoming a father gave my life new ambitions. For me, personally, without the birth of my two princes, who knows where I'd be. They gave me an entirely all new perspective on life, what matters, and what I want to grow into during my short time on this earth. They give me inspiration daily, hope for what can be, and a new understanding of unconditional love. There is no love greater than any child for their parent. I recall growing up thinking my own dad was this mythical super hero human. I thought he had the biggest muscles (video includes a memorable beach shot). The coolest 'dad-dude' ever. Successful, etc etc.. It's so awe-inspiring to think back at those days, now having become a father myself, and wonder about all of the dark things, and the rough times he likely hid from us as he didn't want to burden us, as all father's do. As parents, we smile, even in rough times, and go about our day. Him not being happy with the status quo in his profession and going out on his own, I'm sure he was full of anxiety, doubt on the future and money/bills. It's mind-blowing to think about it all now, knowing what it's like being on the other side of it. Now, I see the way our boys look at me, and through their comments, and the way they hug me, and I see that same unconditional love from them. It is one of my greatest fuels to push forward in life anymore. Their love is my world, and I don't care if that comes off soft for a guy to say, as I'm proud as hell to admit that. Our generation (X) bridged that gap between the hard ass unemotional/non-involved father and the tough guy with a heart. I own that sh*t til the day they lay me down. And until that day, those boys will be my pride and joy.

So that all said, we put together a quick video as a shout out to all the dads, as well as a nod to my own, who not only handed his love for good music down, and what I later found to be its healing properties and/or ability to make good times, great and bad times better, but opened my mind up to the blues. Hence, the song, The Healing. The fella always told me growing up that "Life ain't fair." Hated that reply, but damnit if he wasn't right. He gave me the greatest lesson of all. Reality can suck, so get used to it. Fine line trying to raise well-rounded kids with hope, yet equip them to be able to handle reality when they are grown-ass gents and ladies. Life ain't fair, that's very true, but if you are armed to handle it, you can tell it to go kick rocks and keep being you. That the lows aren't going to change your path. (head nod) To all of the father's out there that are making a positive impact. CHEERS, from Deed & Mettle and myself, personally.

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