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...ARE YOU READY? July means, fireworks, freedom and fast-approaching college football. That said, I tease thy true time-tested loyal fans with the annual underground design that started it all; I present the teaser for the 2017 BSSC tee design. A little bit hardcore electric blues, a little bit "The Wild One" vintage biker-esque. This year we are staying true to, and giving a respectable nod to, the very first BSSC design from 9 years ago (which, believe it or not, was based off my very favorite true-vintage soft 'bar tee' I found in a second hand store while living in Chicago. It tore to shreds and I was heart broken and refused to not do something about losing it). In 9 years this thing went from an idea of making the type of tees we dig, for the sports and events we love, and hustling them out of backpacks in tailgate lots, to having a formal website and making this thing truly come to fruition. CHEERS TO THAT.

The teaser video is a timely one, with all of the chaos and discord going on between people right now - which seems like more than ever lately, can't help but to ride that wave and do what we do best, fire it up! Enjoy the things you have passion for, don't waste your energy on those trying to kill your vibe. Choose the path less traveled and find your own personal shambhala. They haven't found themselves in this life, so instead of focusing on doing that, they gave up and throw hate in attempts to drag those around down too. They can't handle seeing you, or anyone, evolve when they are stuck in 'evolutionary limbo.' You. Just. Do. You. All we can control in this wild ride called life, my friends.

Don't forget to sign up on the bottom of the page to get notifications, so you know exactly when the official design is on pre-sale! Don't risk missing out this year!...also, don't ask how we got this tee on Mr. Wylde for a pic. He's a pretty no-nonsense type fella, but like they say, birds of a feather....

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