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LIKE A M*THERFUCKING TORTOISE. SLOW & STEADY. Gary V has been a s source of motivation/inspiration to me for a long time now. The "Walking Contraction," as he says. I personally, instantly related to that title considering my past, where I ended up and how. The dudes wisdom is always profound, and though it can be a bit profane (which I can't help but to appreciate his bluntness) it's always a kick in the ass to quit looking for reasons "why not" and just "do." F*CK EXCUSES. Do it. F*CK THE HATERS. They don't have the passion or the destiny. F*CK TOMORROW. You may only have today. I for one, obviously appreciate the honesty in his style. If you aren't following him, and dig the motivation. Follow him. WEB, FACEBOOK.

Also, check out his video, it'll give you a quick summary of why this guy will help you evolve.

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