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Hey hey hey (or "Ho, Ho, Ho!") Before you go all food coma on turkey tomorrow, and because we don't follow the masses so won't wait until the Black Friday rush, we just launched the new 2017 Holiday designs! Both designs sure to get a smile, even out of your most lame of friends. Whether you enjoy a stiff whiskey, or love a witty play off an infamous movie quote, we got you covered for holiday gear that is NOT lame! GET ON IT before the pre-orders close!

OH, and if you are reading this, you are on the "NICE" list, so we'll offer you a discount for 50% OFF* TODAY THROUGH CYBER MONDAY, 11/27 (say what?!?) on any other existing product on our site, when you purchase one of these new 2017 holiday pre-order items. *Yes, HALF OFF any existing item on our site if you purchase one of these holiday designs!!! Get your holiday shopping done now, folks! No need for a code, your cart should automatically recognize you're special, bought a holiday item and added an existing inventory item - it's smart like that ;)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL. We are thankful for loyal fans of our work. You have made this dream come true!

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