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HEYO. How's it hangin'? We are extremely proud to announce some long-awaited updates to the site!

1) A fancy-schmancy little branded video on the homepage (desktop version only for now) here.

2) Then, not only have we added our brand new full 2018 spring adult collection here, we've added the "LITTLE DEEDS" section, with what we hope are some unique and hit-worthy toddler/infant and youth gear. Much more to come on that front. Check them both out. If you're already following us, you'll def find something for yourself, if not something for the entire crew. We promise.

3) Also, we've added a "CUSTOM WORK | ABOUT US" section, to help open us up to more potential collab work with other businesses, people and just all-around good souls looking to do kick-ass stuff. That's what we dig, and we want to help people's vision come to life for their own business, local event/ charity or whatever it may be. Check that out, stay in touch and hit us up.

We hope you dig the updates. We'll probably find some bugs. Hell, we are not perfect, never claimed to be, but look forward to all feedback from our friends. DIG IT.

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