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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

LATEST ADDITION TO THE SITE, a little portable motivation for you to stick anywhere you so choose.

Friends, we introduce the The 'DEATH CHASER' Sticker | A 'DEATH -or- GLORY' 3"x 3" matte sticker. In the fashion of old vintage secret society insignias, this one is a keeper. The motto "DEATH -or- GLORY" and the symbolism of "the death chaser" has plenty of underlying symbolism. It's not that we chase death, or wish it to come sooner, it's that we've gotten that 'moment of clarity' and wisdom through our experiences; that once we've faced our fears, we no longer let death control our every waking moment, robbing us of our precious time to succeed, love and live. Instead, we seize the day and make the most of every breath. We believe in one's HONOR. That only true HUSTLE can give way to earned self-made success. That LOYALTY is a rare but very valuable commodity. And the LOVE of those within our trusted circle of true friends and family. That is "the death chaser." The perfect companion for your 'DEATH -or- GLORY' Soft Tee (HERE). WE. OWN. THE. DAY (& night). CLICK HERE to get your sticker now.

To see who's reading these, if you buy one or more 'DEATH -or- GLORY' soft tees, we'll throw in a couple stickers on us (starting today). Our show of appreciation to those few loyalists following our blog, and those that share the same mind set on making the most of each day. We don't invest the time writing this stuff because we have so much extra time, hells no, we do it to be more than just a clothing brand to our loyal friends. DO. IT.

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