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I WISH A MF'er...

Sometimes, you just wish a MF'er would, ya know? People are always talking, while we're sitting over here, a breed that just takes action. Like Elvis said, a little less conversation, a little more action. That's what the Deed & Mettle brand is all about.

Well, let a MF'er know what we're all about, wear it loud and proud on your tee. We don't have time to bark around here, or the energy to waste on useless talk, we just bite. We make it happen. Action. Momentum. Go for the "win." So, if you aren't on our team, then you best get out the way, as the big dogs are going for what's theirs and we don't have time to be distracted by some yappy lap dogs.

Get the new design today, we may just throw in a surprise ;) GET. SOME.


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