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Updated: Jun 22, 2019



/ˈˌlōn ˈwo͝olf/


  1. an extremely independent or solitary person.

Wolf. Not a more fitting surname could be given to this truly badass gent we were lucky enough to have crossed paths with, and feature in this blog. So lucky, in fact, we felt inclined to create a line of designs centered around that very ferocious attitude the man exudes. The symbolism behind the design is beyond the obvious play on "Wolf." It's about the attitude an independent soul like Roy lives by. A true Lone Wolf. A design based around the fact that he is his own true north star. Always was and always will be. A pack animal, by the example of the sincerely loving father and husband he is, but one not afraid to walk his own path and not be pressured by other's thoughts and opinions.

This is really all about a man with spirit we admire. An ex-knucklehead, certified and verified bad boy once upon a time, he's no stranger to a little hurt, pain and the fast lane. He grew up hard and fast, moved away as a teen because of the trouble he was getting in to, and ended up evolving into a force to be reckoned with as a man. Now, 43 years-old, and the dude is still skating hills at 65+ miles per hour, fearless in the face of (another) injury. His success as a skater isn't even the main focus of this, though. We approached Roy about this line of designs, and the write up, because what we admire just as much as his free-spirit ways, and success as a bad ass skater, is his story. The story of a "bad boy" and an independent soul like himself finding the woman of his dreams (he admitted having a crush on her since 6th grade) and how that love she brought into his life could calm even the wildest of animals. We may also possibly be able to relate to a story like that. The conclusion here is that this dude is winning at the game called life. Nice cars, big house and arm candy? F*CK NO, to two of those three items. He's winning because he could give two f*cks about the fancy car and house, and knows all he needs is his wife, family and to possibly feed his addiction to a little adrenaline rush every now and then. Having a wife and family, that fully support his crazy downhill speed addiction at his age, is what makes it all such a cool story. They know he'd not be happy otherwise and accept that about him.

So the design, and sharing this story with our fans, is all to honor the idea of a knucklehead finding his path and evolving into a man, husband and father. Knuckleheads like us are never perfect...we have way too much mental baggage to be "easy." Though, having hit some of those rock bottoms is exactly what makes us so passionate about life, and appreciate the good things we do have. To not take things for granted because we've seen darker times and understand the bad nature out there in the world. And because of that all, we figured this dude deserved a little nod and why we wanted to create a few designs in his honor.

Get your "paws" on the "LONE WOLF" teeshirt design (that he's modeling in his cover photo at the top there) and black snapback by clicking on either of those items (highlighted) and going to our site store.

"Though, the lion and tiger may be more powerful, the wolf performs in no success." F*ckin' A right to that, Roy. Cheers, brother.

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