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IT AIN'T ALL SUNSHINE & RAINBOWS...'s a very mean and nasty place. This quote from one of the Rocky films is and will always be a personal favorite. It speaks to everything we try to preach. Life can suck at times,it's true no avoiding that, but if you stay the course and keep grinding, the sun will always rise again. The success anyone can find is all about keeping your focus and not letting the rough patches distract us, and veer us off course. It happens way too often, then 10 years down the road you realize you were so busy on a distraction that you are miles away from the original finish line you had. It's so out of control I bet 95% of us are on a path of distraction right now as they read this. Well, stop doing that sh*it. Wake the f*ck up, and remind yourself the goal you had and begin making baby steps to get there. No excuses. Do it. You can talk about what you are going to do to change your life, your relationships, your career, your local community, yourself and your family life happier, but until you start taking ANY action in following that dream, you've not done sh*t. Talk is cheap. As I have gotten older, anytime I am out around people 'having a good time' (inebriated), I overhear their big plans on how they are going to change their life. Their "moment-of-clarity" ideas of some start up they want to do, how they are going to treat that girlfriend like a queen and marry her one day. Well, never fails, they wake up the next day and the passion they had the night before is as gone as the buzz they had that night, and replaced with something just as painful to their future as the hangover is to that day after...complacency and settling for the rat race again. They go back to the humdrum and don't think twice about the dream again until they get a few drinks in them. Have you done that? Whether about an idea. A business venture? A commitment you want to make to a loved one? Well, we all have. I have plenty of times, BUT that's the the golden nugget here, folks. That's the difference between the successful minority and the rest of the flock (complacent majority). The one little step that the minority committed to and took....ACTION. How many times have you read about a highly successful individual or group of individuals that blew up overnight? All the time! And how often is it always an idea they had one night over drinks, or sitting around talking over coffee? Seems way too common! But what separates them from the rest, they actually took action and stopped talking about it. That is the ONLY difference. They didn't get lucky. They didn't have a special destiny. They took it upon themselves to make it happen and took action. An it never happens overnight. they probably put hours and hours of sweat and blood into that idea before it ever suddenly blew up. Talk. Quit that sh*t and do it. No more talk. I challenge you to that action. Life is too short to keep talking about what we can, should and are going to do. Just go do it for f*ck's sake. Period.

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